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tiles ottawaIf you have ever walked into the lobby of a grand hotel, older government building, or exclusive fine-dining restaurant, there's a very good chance you have been treading on marble. Many prestigious buildings will use this type of flooring for the following two reasons, which you can easily justify for your own home or business:
  1. Beauty – You can't beat the natural beauty and charm of a marble tile floor. It automatically makes a bold first impression and leaves the viewer impressed by the opulence; and
  2. Lifespan – There's a reason the ancient Romans used this stone so often. Second only to its elegance is the benefit of its durability. When properly taken care of, marble tiles can look like they were installed just yesterday, even if they have been a part of your design for 30 years. Even without proper maintenance the stone can last for hundreds of years or longer, although the attractive nature can wear away after centuries of being exposed to the elements and other disturbances.
It is easy to see why so many people choose this material when deciding to rejuvenate their home or work. Marble has a tendency to make things around it appear more valuable and enticing, simply by association. Old knick-knacks take on a new life and paint suddenly regains its vibrancy. The simplest of décor can be made to look far more valuable than it is, just by installing a marble floor.
What Areas are best for Marble Tiles?
Although marble tiles can be used in just about any part of the home, it is the high-traffic areas in which it makes the most impact. Rooms such as the kitchen, washroom and the front hallway see a lot of coming and going and these areas make an excellent showroom for your gorgeous new addition. Of course, as mentioned before, it can often be found quite often in the foyers or hallways of many commercial buildings, making it a truly versatile material for a number of projects.
What You Need to Know
When Buying Marble Tiles One of the most important things to understand when buying marble is that the entire flooring may not look exactly alike. Marble tiles are formed from natural stone, making them prone to variations in the amount and placement of sediment in the stone. Rather than the variation being a detriment, think of it as a chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can arrange to form your own patterns. It is also important to note that while marble is a stone that can last through the ages, it will require polishing and sealing from time to time to keep it in pristine condition. Since marble is porous, it could retain spilled liquids until this is done, however it is a simple procedure which does not have to be performed often.
Choose marble for your home or business today and live like an ancient Roman emperor without all the responsibilities!